Mexican Open Tennis 2024 Schedule and Live Streaming

The Mexican Open or Abierto Mexicano Telcel has etched its place in tennis history since its inception. Founded in 1993, the tournament has grown from strength to strength, attracting some of the biggest names in the tennis world. Initially a men’s-only event, it later expanded to include a women’s draw, further elevating its status in the tennis calendar.

In this guide I will share the detailed info on how you can live stream the event, the key date prize money and much more…

Mexican Open/ Abierto Mexicano Telcel 2024 Dates

Event NameMexican Open
Start Date26 Feb 2024
End Date02 Mar 2024
VenueArena GNP Seguros, Acapulco de Juárez
Defending ChampionAlex de Minaur
Runner UpTommy Paul
Live Streaming AppTennis TV

How to Live Stream Mexican Open Tennis Online Anywhere

The much-anticipated Mexican Open is poised to captivate audiences worldwide, offering tennis enthusiasts a front-row seat to the action through a multitude of global television channels. For those who prefer the flexibility of watching matches at their own pace on their favorite devices, the choice of a streaming application featuring the esteemed Tennis Channel is paramount. The Tennis Channel takes the lead in live streaming across a spectrum of devices, ranging from mobile phones and laptops to various contemporary gadgets.

For direct access to the Tennis Channel’s streaming service, the most straightforward route involves subscribing directly through their official website. Alternatively, viewers can explore third-party streaming platforms, including but not limited to Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu+Live TV, Direct TV Stream, and Youtube TV.

It’s worth noting that the aforementioned channels primarily cater to the U.S. audience. To ensure comprehensive coverage of the Mexican Open for viewers outside the United States, attention can be turned to platforms such as beIN Sports (Australia), TSN Plus (Canada), EuroSport (across most of Europe), Sky NZ (New Zealand), ESPN+ (for South America), and Amazon Prime Video (in the UK).

However, the accessibility of these channels may hinge on your geographical location. To overcome potential restrictions and ensure a seamless online streaming experience of the Mexican Open without the need for cable, adhering to a standardized approach is highly recommended. Whether through official channels or third-party platforms, the goal is to create a universal and enjoyable viewing experience for tennis aficionados around the globe.

Here’s a concise guide to navigating the process:

  1. Select a Reliable VPN: Acquire a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to mask your location and grant you access to region-specific channels.
  2. Install the VPN: Follow the instructions provided by your chosen VPN service to install and set up the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a Server: Choose a server location that corresponds to the region of the channel you wish to access (e.g., selecting a U.S. server for U.S.-based channels).
  4. Subscribe to the Channel: Once connected to the appropriate server, subscribe directly through the official website of the desired channel or explore third-party streaming platforms.
  5. Enjoy Seamless Streaming: With the VPN in place and the channel subscribed, you’re all set to relish the Mexican Open without the constraints of geographical limitations.

Where to Stream Mexican Open Online in Europe

As the excitement reaches a crescendo for the upcoming Mexican Open Tennis Championships, European tennis enthusiasts are eagerly preparing to immerse themselves in the live thrill of the matches.

While delving into country-specific broadcasters holds significance, it’s paramount to underscore the pivotal roles played by Amazon Prime Video and beIN Sports Connect. These platforms go beyond the confines of geographical boundaries, presenting a versatile and accessible avenue for live streaming the Mexican Open Tennis Championships.

Whether you find yourself in Malta, the UK, Greece, or Switzerland, these streaming giants offer a seamless and dependable method to enjoy every moment of the tennis action, all from the convenience of your preferred device. Should any geographical restrictions pose a challenge, unlocking the full experience with a VPN becomes a valuable tool, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive viewing experience for tennis enthusiasts across Europe.

Malta: GO

Malta-based fans can catch all the tennis excitement on GO, the official broadcaster for the Mexican Open.

Switzerland: Sky, SRG

Swiss tennis enthusiasts have two solid options with Sky and SRG offering comprehensive coverage of the tournament.

Poland: Polsat

For viewers in Poland, Polsat is the go-to channel to experience the Mexican Open Tennis Championships.

Netherlands: Ziggo

Dutch fans can tune in to Ziggo for extensive coverage of the Mexican Open, ensuring they don’t miss any of the exhilarating matches.

Belgium: Telenet, BeTV

Belgium offers a double treat with Telenet and BeTV as the official broadcasters, providing a range of viewing options for tennis enthusiasts.

Austria: Sky

Austrian viewers can enjoy the Mexican Open on Sky, promising top-notch coverage of the tournament.

Czech Republic/France/Slovakia/Scandinavia/Romania/Hungary: EuroSport

Eurosport emerges as a pivotal player in several European countries, making it the destination for tennis enthusiasts in the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Romania, and Hungary.

Denmark: TV2

Danish fans can catch the live action on TV2, ensuring a front-row seat to all the exciting matches.

Bulgaria: A1 Max Sport

Bulgarian viewers can tune in to A1 Max Sport for comprehensive coverage of the Mexican Open Tennis Championships.

UK/Ireland: Amazon Prime Video

The United Kingdom and Ireland witness the tournament’s magic unfold on Amazon Prime Video, offering a seamless streaming experience for tennis enthusiasts.

Greece: Cosmote

Greek fans can immerse themselves in the Mexican Open on Cosmote, ensuring an extensive and thrilling viewing experience.

Ukraine: Setanta

Viewers in Ukraine can catch every serve, volley, and match point on Setanta, the official broadcaster for the Mexican Open.

Germany: Sky Deutschland

Sky Deutschland takes the stage in Germany, delivering unparalleled coverage of the Mexican Open Tennis Championships.

Spain: Telefonica (Movistar)

Spanish tennis enthusiasts can enjoy the tournament on Telefonica’s Movistar, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Portugal: Sport TV

Portuguese fans can catch the tennis action on Sport TV, providing in-depth coverage of the Mexican Open.

Cyprus: CYTA

For those in Cyprus, CYTA serves as the gateway to the Mexican Open Tennis Championships, offering extensive coverage.

Italy: Sportcast (SuperTennis)

Italian viewers can indulge in the tournament on Sportcast’s SuperTennis, promising a front-row seat to all the thrilling moments.

Singapore: beIN Sports

Singaporean tennis enthusiasts can catch the action on beIN Sports, ensuring a top-tier viewing experience.

Turkey: S Sport

Turkish fans can tune in to S Sport, the official broadcaster for the Mexican Open Tennis Championships in Turkey.

How to Watch Mexican Open Tennis Online in Canada

For Canadian tennis enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the excitement of the Mexican Open, securing a prime viewing spot is effortlessly achieved through the TSN Plus App. As the exclusive broadcaster for all ATP 500 and WTA 1000 events, TSN Plus stands as the ultimate destination for Canadian fans seeking comprehensive coverage of the Mexican Open Tennis Championships.

Embarking on this exhilarating streaming journey is a breeze – fans need only subscribe to the TSN Plus App, creating a one-stop solution for accessing all the action-packed matches from this prestigious tournament.

With this subscription, Canadian tennis aficionados can revel in the live streaming of the Mexican Open on an array of devices, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other modern gadgets. The TSN Plus App ensures that every serve, volley, and match point is delivered seamlessly to Canadian tennis enthusiasts, providing an immersive experience from the comfort of their chosen devices.

Where to Watch the Mexican Open Online in USA

When it comes to delivering comprehensive coverage of tennis events, the Tennis Channel reigns supreme as the undisputed champion for fans in the United States. Boasting in-depth analysis, live broadcasts, and exclusive content, the Tennis Channel stands out as the optimal choice for those seeking an immersive experience during the Mexican Open Tennis Championships.

To enhance the viewing experience further, accessing the Tennis Channel is made even more convenient through various third-party streaming apps. Platforms such as SlingTV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, and YoutubeTV offer a seamless connection to the Tennis Channel, with diverse packages and pricing tiers catering to different preferences.

The allure of these third-party apps extends beyond accessibility; it lies in their compatibility with a range of modern-day devices. Whether you fancy streaming on your mobile, laptop, smart TV, or tablet, these apps ensure that you can enjoy the Mexican Open on your terms, providing flexibility and convenience for tennis enthusiasts across the United States.

Watch Mexican Open Online in Australia and New Zealand without Cable

For tennis enthusiasts’ Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, the Mexican Open Tennis Championships offer an exciting opportunity to witness top-tier competition.

beIN Sports Connect in Australia

In Australia, the go-to choice for live streaming the Mexican Open is none other than beIN Sports Connect. Renowned for its extensive sports coverage, beIN Sports Connect offers comprehensive access to major tennis tournaments, encompassing both ATP and WTA events.

With its user-friendly interface and top-notch streaming quality, beIN Sports Connect ensures that Australian viewers can savor the Mexican Open with minimal hassle. The platform’s compatibility with multiple devices allows tennis fans to catch all the action on their preferred screens, be it a smart TV, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Boasting compatibility with a diverse range of modern devices, beIN Sports Connect provides viewers with the flexibility to enjoy the Mexican Open on their terms. Recognized for its high-quality streaming, the platform delivers a crisp and immersive viewing experience, ensuring sports enthusiasts are fully engaged. Whether opting for live streaming options or on-demand content, beIN Sports Connect caters to the varied preferences of viewers, ensuring they can experience the excitement of the Mexican Open in real-time or at their convenience.

Sky Sports NZ in New Zealand

In New Zealand, Sky Sports NZ proudly takes its place as the official channel for the Mexican Open Tennis Championships, holding a coveted position among Kiwi tennis fans. Renowned for its expansive sports coverage, Sky Sports NZ stands out as the ultimate destination for live broadcasts and in-depth analysis.

Serving as a comprehensive hub for sports enthusiasts, Sky Sports NZ goes beyond tennis, offering extensive coverage of various sports. The channel features expert analysis and commentary, enriching viewers’ understanding and enhancing their enjoyment of the matches. With flexible multi-screen viewing options, Sky Sports NZ caters to the diverse preferences of viewers who appreciate catching the action on different devices. The channel’s commitment to delivering a top-tier sports-watching experience solidifies its status as a go-to source for sports enthusiasts throughout New Zealand.

Can I Watch Mexican Open Tennis Championships 2024 Online for Free

The Mexican Open Tennis Championships stands as a premier event, drawing tennis enthusiasts from across the globe in eager anticipation of thrilling matches. As the excitement builds, a pertinent question emerges: Is it possible to watch the Mexican Open Tennis Championships online for free?

In the digital era, free streaming has become a popular choice for viewers seeking access to live sports events without the burden of subscription fees. However, when it comes to major tournaments like the Mexican Open, a note of caution is essential. Numerous free streaming tennis websites claim to provide live coverage, but potential risks lurk within these platforms.

Several platforms, including VIPLeague, VIProw, Sport Plus, and MamaHD, may initially seem like convenient options. However, it’s crucial to recognize the potential drawbacks. These platforms often operate in a legal gray area, and the sources of their content may raise questions. Users expose themselves to risks such as malware, intrusive ads, and unreliable streaming quality.

While the allure of free streaming on dubious websites may be tempting, legitimate avenues exist to enjoy the Mexican Open Tennis Championships without compromising security or quality. Official channels or broadcasters occasionally offer free streaming as part of their promotional efforts.

Verifying the legitimacy of such sources is crucial, ensuring a secure and high-quality viewing experience that doesn’t break the bank. As tennis fans gear up for the Mexican Open, it’s essential to make informed choices for a truly enjoyable and risk-free viewing experience.

Mexican Open Tennis Time Table

Saturday 24 FebruaryTimeActivityPerformance
Sunday 25 February18:00TennisQualifying
Monday 26 February17:00Entry GatesGates Open
 18:00TennisRound 1
Tuesday 27 February17:00Entry GatesGates Open
 18:00TennisRound 1
Wednesday 28 February17:00Entry GatesGates Open
 18:00TennisRound 2
Thursday 29 February16:30Entry GatesGates Open
Friday 1 March17:00Entry GatesGates Open
Saturday 2 March18:00Entry GatesGates Open

Mexican Open Tennis 2024 Prize Money

The prize money for Mexican Open 2024 is not out yet, however, you can take an idea from the previous trend of what will be the prize money for this year.

Mexican Open Men’s Prize Money

Mexican Open Prize Money in 2023: $2,013,940

Mexican Open Prize Money in 2024: $2,200,000 (Projected)


  • Winner’s Share: $376,620
  • Runner-up’s Share: $202,640
  • Semifinal: $108,000
  • Quarterfinal: $55,170
  • Round 2: $29,455
  • Round 1: $15,710
  • Q2: $8,050
  • Q1: $4,515


  • Winner: $123,710
  • Runner-up: $65,980
  • Semifinal: $33,380
  • Quarterfinal: $16,690
  • Round 1: $8,640

Mexican Open Tennis Winners Over the Years

Men’s Singles

2010Spain David FerrerSpain Juan Carlos Ferrero6–3, 3–6, 6–1
2011Spain David Ferrer (2)Spain Nicolás Almagro7–6(7–4), 6–7(2–7), 6–2
2012Spain David Ferrer (3)Spain Fernando Verdasco6–1, 6–2
2013Spain Rafael Nadal (2)Spain David Ferrer6–0, 6–2
2014Bulgaria Grigor DimitrovSouth Africa Kevin Anderson7–6(7–1), 3–6, 7–6(7–5)
2015Spain David Ferrer (4)Japan Kei Nishikori6–3, 7–5
2016Austria Dominic ThiemAustralia Bernard Tomic7–6(8–6), 4–6, 6–3
2017United States Sam QuerreySpain Rafael Nadal6–3, 7–6(7–3)
2018Argentina Juan Martín del PotroSouth Africa Kevin Anderson6–4, 6–4
2019Australia Nick KyrgiosGermany Alexander Zverev6–3, 6–4
2020Spain Rafael Nadal (3)United States Taylor Fritz6–3, 6–2
2021Germany Alexander ZverevGreece Stefanos Tsitsipas6–4, 7–6(7–3)
2022Spain Rafael Nadal (4)United Kingdom Cameron Norrie6–4, 6–4
2023Australia Alex de MinaurUnited States Tommy Paul3–6, 6–4, 6–1

How to Watch Mexican Open from Reddit?

Reddit, a widely popular social media and discussion platform, is not inherently designed for live streaming services. However, it has earned a reputation as a dynamic hub hosting diverse communities where users share information, engage in discussions, and occasionally provide links to live streams of various events, including sports like tennis.

While Reddit itself does not host live streaming content, users within specific subreddits may share links to unauthorized streams, including those for the Mexican Open Tennis. It’s crucial to emphasize that engaging with such links raises ethical concerns and can pose security and safety risks.

Clicking on unauthorized streaming links exposes your device to security threats, such as malware and phishing attacks. These risks can compromise your personal information and the overall security of your device. Furthermore, accessing content through illegal streaming links may lead to a violation of copyright laws, resulting in potential legal consequences like fines or other penalties.

Streams from unauthorized sources often suffer from lower quality, potential interruptions, buffering issues, and the absence of commentary or analysis. Instead of relying on questionable streaming links on Reddit, consider exploring legitimate streaming options.

Numerous official broadcasters and streaming services provide reliable and high-quality coverage of sports events, including the Mexican Open. Subscription-based platforms like Tennis TV, ESPN+, and others offer a legal and secure way to enjoy the tournament without compromising your safety or breaking any laws.