Barcelona Open 2024 Dates, Schedule and Live Streaming

Barcelona Open Dates, Schedule and Live Streaming

The Barcelona Open, officially known as the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, is a prestigious tennis tournament that has been an integral part of the ATP Tour for decades. The Barcelona Open has a storied history dating back to 1953, making it one of the oldest tennis tournaments in Spain. Over the years, it has hosted some of the greatest tennis players, each vying for glory on the red clay courts of the Real Club de Tennis Barcelona.

In this guide I will share the detailed info on how you can live stream the event, the key date prize money and much more…

Barcelona Open Championships 2024 Dates

Event NameBarcelona Open or Banc Sabadell
Start Date13 April 2024
End Date21 April 2024
VenueReal Club de Tenis Barcelona, Barcelona
Defending ChampionCarlos Alcaraz
Runner UpStefanos Tsitsipas
Live Streaming AppTennis TV

How to Live Stream Barcelona Open Tennis Online Anywhere

The Barcelona Open is going to be shown on TV all over the world, and there are different ways to watch it. If you want to enjoy the matches on your own device, like your phone or laptop, using a streaming app with the Tennis Channel is a great choice. The Tennis Channel lets you watch the action live on various devices such as phones, laptops, and other modern gadgets.

To use the Tennis Channel, you can subscribe directly on their official website. Another option is to choose from different streaming services like Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu+Live TV, Direct TV Stream, or YoutubeTV.

It’s important to know that the channels I mentioned earlier are mostly for people in the United States. If you are outside the United States and want to make sure you can watch all of the Barcelona Open, you can check out other platforms like beIN Sports (in Australia), TSN Plus (in Canada), EuroSport (across most of Europe), Sky NZ (in New Zealand), ESPN+ (for South America), and Amazon Prime Video (in the UK).

Keep in mind that your ability to access these channels might depend on where you live. To make sure you can watch the Barcelona Open smoothly online without cable, it’s a good idea to follow a standard approach for a hassle-free experience.

Here’s a concise guide to navigate the process:

  1. Select a Reliable VPN: Acquire a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to mask your location and grant you access to region-specific channels.
  2. Install the VPN: Follow the instructions provided by your chosen VPN service to install and set up the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a Server: Choose a server location that corresponds to the region of the channel you wish to access (e.g., selecting a U.S. server for U.S.-based channels).
  4. Subscribe to the Channel: Once connected to the appropriate server, subscribe directly through the official website of the desired channel or explore third-party streaming platforms.
  5. Enjoy Seamless Streaming: With the VPN in place and the channel subscribed, you’re all set to relish the Barcelona Open without the constraints of geographical limitations.

How to Watch Barcelona Open Online in Europe

First up, consider exploring the wonders of beIN Sports Connect. It serves as a fantastic option, acting like a magic portal that opens to let you enjoy all the matches from the comfort of your own space. The beauty of it? It doesn’t matter if you’re in the UK, Greece, or anywhere else in Europe – beIN Sports Connect has got you covered. All you need is an internet connection and a device like your phone or laptop to stream the tournament hassle-free.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon Prime Video – a true all-star in the streaming game. It’s like having a front-row seat to all the tennis excitement. Whether you’re in Malta or Switzerland, Amazon Prime Video is a reliable and straightforward option. Just sign up, and you’re ready to enjoy the matches without any fuss.

But what if these streaming services are not available in your country? Enter the VPN, your virtual superhero. A Virtual Private Network can make it look like you’re watching from a different place, solving the problem. So, if beIN Sports Connect or Amazon Prime Video seems like a party you’re not invited to in your country, just turn on a VPN, and voila! You can access the tennis fun like everyone else.

Malta: GO

Malta-based fans can catch all the tennis excitement on GO, the official broadcaster for the Barcelona Open.

Switzerland: Sky, SRG

Swiss tennis enthusiasts have two solid options with Sky and SRG offering comprehensive coverage of the tournament.

Poland: Polsat

For viewers in Poland, Polsat is the go-to channel to experience the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships.

Netherlands: Ziggo

Dutch fans can tune in to Ziggo for extensive coverage of the Barcelona Open, ensuring they don’t miss any of the exhilarating matches.

Belgium: Telenet, BeTV

Belgium offers a double treat with Telenet and BeTV as the official broadcasters, providing a range of viewing options for tennis enthusiasts.

Austria: Sky

Austrian viewers can enjoy the Barcelona Open on Sky, promising top-notch coverage of the tournament.

Czech Republic/France/Slovakia/Scandinavia/Romania/Hungary: Eurosport

Eurosport emerges as a pivotal player in several European countries, making it the destination for tennis enthusiasts in the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Romania, and Hungary.

Denmark: TV2

Danish fans can catch the live action on TV2, ensuring a front-row seat to all the exciting matches.

Bulgaria: A1 Max Sport

Bulgarian viewers can tune in to A1 Max Sport for comprehensive coverage of the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships.

UK/Ireland: Amazon Prime Video

The United Kingdom and Ireland witness the tournament’s magic unfold on Amazon Prime Video, offering a seamless streaming experience for tennis enthusiasts.

Greece: Cosmote

Greek fans can immerse themselves in the Barcelona Open on Cosmote, ensuring an extensive and thrilling viewing experience.

Ukraine: Setanta

Viewers in Ukraine can catch every serve, volley, and match point on Setanta, the official broadcaster for the Barcelona Open.

Germany: Sky Deutschland

Sky Deutschland takes the stage in Germany, delivering unparalleled coverage of the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships.

Spain: Telefonica (Movistar)

Spanish tennis enthusiasts can enjoy the tournament on Telefonica’s Movistar, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Portugal: Sport TV

Portuguese fans can catch the tennis action on Sport TV, providing in-depth coverage of the Barcelona Open.

Cyprus: CYTA

For those in Cyprus, CYTA serves as the gateway to the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships, offering extensive coverage.

Italy: Sportcast (SuperTennis)

Italian viewers can indulge in the tournament on Sportcast’s SuperTennis, promising a front-row seat to all the thrilling moments.

Singapore: beIN Sports

Singaporean tennis enthusiasts can catch the action on beIN Sports, ensuring a top-tier viewing experience.

Turkey: S Sport

Turkish fans can tune in to S Sport, the official broadcaster for the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships in Turkey.

Where to Live Stream Barcelona Open Tennis Online in Canada

The go-to solution for Canadian viewers is the TSN Plus App, serving as the primary broadcaster for the Barcelona Open. This application ensures comprehensive coverage, providing a front-row seat to all the tournament’s exciting moments. What makes it even better is its compatibility with all devices, whether you prefer iOS, Android, or Smart TVs. Switch seamlessly between your favorite devices and enjoy the matches on your terms.

However, it’s crucial to note that the Barcelona Open won’t be available on DAZN Canada and RDS Direct, making the TSN Plus App your reliable choice for uninterrupted tennis action.

Where to Watch the Barcelona Open Online in USA

For tennis fans in the United States, the Tennis Channel is the best choice for getting all the details about tennis events, especially the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships. The Tennis Channel doesn’t just show the matches; it also gives you deep insights, live broadcasts, and exclusive content, making it perfect for an immersive experience.

And here’s the good part: you can access the Tennis Channel easily through other streaming apps. Platforms like SlingTV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, and YoutubeTV let you connect to the Tennis Channel with different packages and prices. These apps are not just easy to use; they also work on various devices like your phone, laptop, smart TV, or tablet. So, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the Barcelona Open on your terms. It’s like having tennis excitement at your fingertips.

Watch Barcelona Open Online in Australia and New Zealand without Cable

For tennis enthusiasts down under in Australia and New Zealand, the Barcelona Open Tennis offer an exciting opportunity to witness top-tier competition.

beIN Sports Connect in Australia

In Australia, the best way to watch the Barcelona Open is with beIN Sports Connect. It’s like the top choice for live streaming this tennis event. beIN Sports Connect is famous for showing lots of sports, including big tennis tournaments like ATP and WTA events.

What’s cool about it is that it’s easy to use, and the streaming quality is really good. So, if you’re in Australia and want to enjoy the Barcelona Open without any trouble, beIN Sports Connect has got you covered. You can use it on different devices like a smart TV, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone.

And here’s the best part: no matter what device you like using, beIN Sports Connect works well with all of them. It’s known for giving a great, clear view of the matches, making you feel like you’re right there watching. Whether you want to catch the action as it happens or later on your own time, beIN Sports Connect has live streaming and on-demand content, so you can enjoy the Barcelona Open just the way you like it!

New Zealand: Sky Sports NZ Takes Center Stage

In New Zealand, if you want to watch the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships, the official channel is Sky Sports NZ. This channel is really popular for showing lots of sports and is like the go-to place for Kiwi tennis fans who want to watch live broadcasts and know all the details.

Sky Sports NZ doesn’t just cover tennis; it shows many different sports, making it a favorite for sports lovers in New Zealand. The cool thing is they have experts who talk about the matches, making it easier for you to understand and enjoy the games. Plus, if you like watching on different devices, Sky Sports NZ has options for that too, so you can catch the action however you like.

Can I Watch Barcelona Open Tennis Championships 2024 Online for Free

The Barcelona Open Tennis Championships stand out as a premier event, drawing tennis enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. As fans eagerly look forward to the matches, a question arises: Is it possible to watch the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships online for free?

In today’s digital age, free streaming has become popular for viewers who want to access live sports events without paying subscription fees. However, exercising caution is important when it comes to significant tournaments like the Barcelona Open. Numerous free streaming tennis websites, such as VIPLeague, VIProw, Sport Plus, and MamaHD, may seem convenient initially, but it’s crucial to recognize potential drawbacks.

These platforms often operate in a legal gray area, and the sources of their content may be questionable. Users face risks like exposure to malware, intrusive ads, and unreliable streaming quality when relying on such free streaming websites. Despite their apparent convenience, the associated risks are significant.

Fortunately, there are legitimate ways to enjoy the Barcelona Open Tennis Championships without putting your online security at risk or breaking the bank. Official channels or broadcasters sometimes offer free streaming as part of their promotional efforts. However, it’s essential to verify the legitimacy of such sources to ensure a secure and high-quality viewing experience.

Barcelona Open Tennis Time Table

Saturday 13 April 9:30Entry GatesDoors Open
 10:00TennisSingles & Doubles Qualifying
Sunday 14 April9:30Entry GatesDoors Open
 12:15TennisSingles & Doubles Qualifying
Monday 15 April10:00Entry GatesDoors Open
 11:00TennisSingles & Doubles Round 1
Tuesday 16 April10:00Entry GatesDoors Open
 11:00TennisSingles & Doubles Rounds 1 & 2
Wednesday 17 April10:00Entry GatesDoors Open
 11:00TennisSingles & Doubles Rounds 2 & 3
Thursday 18 April10:00Entry GatesDoors Open
 11:00TennisSingles & Doubles Round 3
Friday 19 April10:30Entry GatesDoors Open
 12:30TennisSingles & Doubles Quarterfinals
Saturday 20 April11:00Entry GatesDoors Open
 13:30TennisSingles & Doubles Semifinals
Sunday 21 April10:30Entry GatesDoors Open
 13:00TennisSingles & Doubles Finals


Barcelona Open Tennis Championships 2024 Prize Money

The prize money for Barcelona Open 2024 is not out yet, however, you can take an idea from the previous trend of what will be the prize money for this year.

Barcelona Open Men’s Prize Money

Barcelona Open Prize Money in 2023: €2,722,480

Barcelona Open Prize Money in 2024: €3,000,000 (Projected)


  • Winner’s Share: €477,795
  • Runner-up’s Share: €254,825
  • Semifinal: €132,190
  • Quarterfinal: €69,020
  • Round 3: €36,365
  • Round 2: €19,910
  • Round 1: €10,615
  • Q2: €5,575
  • Q1: €3,185


  • Winner: €167,240
  • Runner-up: €89,190
  • Semifinal: €45,120
  • Quarterfinal: €22,560
  • Round 1: €11,680

Barcelona Open Tennis Winners Over the Years

Men’s Singles

2011Spain Rafael Nadal (6)Spain David Ferrer6–2, 6–4
2012Spain Rafael Nadal (7)Spain David Ferrer7–6(7–1), 7–5
2013Spain Rafael Nadal (8)Spain Nicolás Almagro6–4, 6–3
2014Japan Kei NishikoriColombia Santiago Giraldo6–2, 6–2
2015Japan Kei Nishikori (2)Spain Pablo Andújar6–4, 6–4
2016Spain Rafael Nadal (9)Japan Kei Nishikori6–4, 7–5
2017Spain Rafael Nadal (10)Austria Dominic Thiem6–4, 6–1
2018Spain Rafael Nadal (11)Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas6–2, 6–1
2019Austria Dominic ThiemRussia Daniil Medvedev6–4, 6–0
2021Spain Rafael Nadal (12)Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas6–4, 6–7(6–8), 7–5
2022Spain Carlos AlcarazSpain Pablo Carreño Busta6–3, 6–2
2023Spain Carlos Alcaraz (2)Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas6–3, 6–4

What ATP Ranking Points Does Barcelona Open Have

As an ATP 500 event, the Barcelona Open holds significant weight in the ATP Tour calendar. Winners receive a prestigious trophy and accumulate valuable ATP ranking points. These points contribute to a player’s overall ranking, impacting their seeding in future tournaments and solidifying their standing in the competitive world of professional tennis.

What Surface Does Barcelona Open is Played

One of the distinctive features of the Barcelona Open is its red clay courts. The tournament is a crucial stop for players seeking to master the art of clay court tennis, a surface known for its slower pace and the strategic finesse it demands. The transition from hard courts to clay adds an intriguing dynamic to the players’ strategies and styles.

What is the Format of the Barcelona Open

The Barcelona Open typically follows a single-elimination format with a main draw featuring 48 players. The top-seeded players receive byes into the second round, creating an intense atmosphere from the opening matches. The competition intensifies as players progress through the rounds, culminating in a thrilling final determining the tournament champion.