How to Live Stream the French Open 2024 free in Japan

You can watch the 2024 French Open in Japan. On its clay courts, Roland-Garros plays host once again to the world. Some of the most talented tennis players worldwide compete in the French Open. Taking place in Paris, France, it is the second major tennis tournament of the year. When you live in Japan, do you anticipate the 2024 French Open live? Yes, you can!

Imagine watching live tennis matches from Roland Garros Paris from the comfort of your own home. This is no longer an impossible dream. It’s possible! Your TV or other devices can stream live events today!

Wondering how? Here is the way!

Frennch Open 2024 Schedule and Order of Play

What TV Channel is French Open 2024 in Japan

Tennis fans in Japan have good news. Two channels in Japan will broadcast live tennis matches from Paris. For this, thanks to a license granted by the French Federation. The official broadcasters of the French Open 2024 in Japan are:

  • TV Tokyo


Wowow Inc., TYO: 4839, is a private satellite broadcaster in Japan that provides premium satellite television services. Its owns three channels.

Wowow Live covers sports, documentaries, movies, and live performances. The channel has aired the four Grand Slam championships since 2008. These are the Australian Open, the 2024 French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

Prime Wowow, a channel for general entertainment.

Wowow Cinema. There is a 24-hour movie channel called Wowow Cinema. It shows foreign films in their original language with subtitles in Japanese.

How to Access Wowow

Subscribers can access WOWOW in two ways:

  • Digital(sattelite link) Wowow
  • Wowow Online Streaming (WOWOW on demand)

Wowow Digital

With Wowow digital, enjoy high-quality images and realistic 5.1ch surround sound with high-definition broadcasts! Wowow digital subscriptions include all three Wowow channels and Wowow 4K services.

Devices required for Wowow digital

You should have the following devices to access Wowow digital services.

  • BS digital Anntena
  • BS digital TV or BS tuner
  • B-CAS Card

Note: A decoder is not required.


The application fee is 2,300 yen per month (2,530 yen including tax). There is no application fee for the first month. However, you cannot cancel your subscription during this time.

Thanks to Wowow digital subscription, you will be able to watch live coverage of the French Open in Japan easily.


TV TOKYO Corporation is one of Japan’s leading content producers and broadcasters with particular expertise in animation. In addition to “Naruto”, “Yu-Gi-Oh! “, “Shaman King”, “Pokémon,” “Sonic X,” and “Beyblade,” TV TOKYO has produced a number of hit animation series.

During the 19-year run between 1993 and 2007, and from 2014 onward, TV Tokyo has been covering the French Open. TV Tokyo will become a broadcast partner in 2022, despite signing an agreement with FFT until 2021. Though this news is unofficial yet.

How to Live Stream 2024 French Open Online in Japan

WOWOW On demand

Subscribers can use “WOWOW On Demand” for free (there are no charges in the app). Families living together register WEB accounts, which are accessible from 5 devices.

This includes four services:

  • Broadcast simultaneous delivery: Delivers three channels of WOWOW simultaneously (prime, live, cinema): Some programs are only partially delivered. There will be a delay compared to the broadcast.
  • Passing over Viewing: Transmission of three channels (prime, live, cinema) of WOWOW after a temporary closure.
  • Live streaming: Providing three channels (prime, live, and cinema) of Wowow in approximately the same time frame.
  • Library: Provides access to original programs on-demand, in addition to programs and broadcasts that were transmitted on Wowow in the past.


For Wowow digital subscribers can use Wowow on demand free by creating an account on the website. In contrast, the application fee for a new user is 2,300 yen per month (2,530 yen including tax. The first month’s application fee is waived. You may not cancel your subscription, however, during that time.

Compatible devices for the Wowow on-demand app

There are many devices from which you can access it (Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, AcTVila, etc. require a different environment).

Stream French Open in Japan with Sling, fubo, DirecTV and YoutubeTV

Several streaming services provide live coverage of the French Open Tennis tournament.

Sling TV

The official broadcaster of Roland Garros is ESPN. On ESPN, you can watch live French Open matches. ESPN is available on Sling TV, which is a popular online streaming service. Streaming of the French Open will be available to all Sling TV subscribers with the appropriate plan.

Tennis Channel with Fubo TV

Tennis channel also owns the rights from the French Federation to broadcast live coverage of Roland Garros. The popular online sports streaming service Fubo TV offers subscribers access to tennis. Therefore, you can watch the French Open live with a Fubo TV subscription.

DirecTV Stream

ESPN and Tennis Channel are available on DirecTV Stream without add-ons in a basic package. The two channels broadcast the French Open live from the Roland Garros Stadium. You can watch tennis matches on your smart TV by subscribing to DirecTV Stream.

NBC Sports with YouTube TV

YouTube TV comes with a lot of sports channels. For tennis fans NBC Sports is available at YouTube TV. NBC sports also televise the live coverage of the French Open, as it is the official broadcasting partner of Roland Garros.

Access Any Online Streaming Services in Japan

All of the streaming services discussed above are geo-restricted. You cannot access them outside of the United States. However, there is a simple solution. To access them from anywhere in the world, use a VPN. No one will ever know you are outside the United States when you use a VPN. You can use VPN by following the simple steps.

  1. Select a VPN with reliable servers in Japan. Our recommendation is CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Connect to the United States server with the VPN.
  3. Go to the Streaming service’s official site, login and enjoy!

How to Watch the French Open 2024 Anywhere in Japan with a VPN

If you’re having trouble accessing Wowow and TV Tokyo anywhere in Japan. There is no need to worry that you will miss a tennis match. You can still access either of the channels using a VPN.

Just follow these steps.

  1. Select a VPN with reliable servers in Japan. Our recommendation is CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Connect to the Japanese server with the VPN.
  3. Go to the channel’s official site, login and enjoy!

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