How to Watch US Open 2024 in Europe

Europeans, Asians, and Americans make up the majority of tennis fans. As well as renowned players from Europe, tennis is the dominant sport in Europe. On Eurosport; all Europeans like Serbians, Germans, Italians, French, Serbs, Spaniards, Belarusians, Romanians, Slovakians, Slovenians, can watch the US Open. The 2022 US Open finals was also available on Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom. It is easy to watch US Open online in Europe. Streaming of the US Open is available through Amazon Prime Video, Eurosport Player and Hulu + Live TV via the ESPN channel.

Tennis power is dazzlingly in Europe due to Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray. It’s no surprise to see European tennis consistently produce dominant champions, proving its claim as a tennis hub.

Watch US Open on Eurosports (Europe)

Throughout Europe, USTA has licensed the rights to broadcast live coverage of the US Open to Eurosport. In the whole Continental Europe, Eurosport covers all matches except for UK and Ireland. In both of these countries, Amazon Prime Video is the official broadcasting partner of USTA. 

Satellites, cable systems, and IPTV are all major ways of watching Eurosport in Europe. The following table shows the Eurosport channel numbers on cable, satellite, and IPTV in Spain, Italy, and France.

CountryOfficial BroadcasterAvailability on cableAvailability on SatelliteAvailability on IPTV
FranceEurosport 1Numericable: Channel 151 (HD)Canal+ : Channel 121 (HD)N/A
Italy Sky Italia: Channel 210 (HD)N/AN/A
Spain Vodafone TV: Channel 250 (HD)Movistar+: Channel 61 (HD, SD)Movistar+ : Channel 61 (HD, SD), Orange TV: Channel 100 (HD)
FranceEurosport 2Numericable: Channel 152CanalSat , Channel 125 (HD)N/A
Italy Sky Italia: Channel 211 (HD)N/AN/A
Spain Vodafone TV: Channel 251 (HD)Movistar+: Channel 62 (HD, SD)Movistar+ : Channel 62 (HD, SD), Orange TV: Channel 101 (HD)

Cable and satellite providers in Europe include Eurosport 1 as part of their basic packages. It airs in 21 different languages. Eurosport 1 HD is the HD version of Eurosport 1.

Live events and additional sports coverage are available on Eurosport 2. You can watch Eurosport 2 in 35 countries in 17 languages. There is an HD version as well, which is named Eurosport 2 HD.

A separate tennis channel is Eurosport 3 HD, which is available on Eurosport.

How to Watch US Open in Europe without Cable

There are many ways to access US Open in Europe without cable. You can either go with the official broadcaster app or a streaming service. Almost all streaming services offer ESPN in their basic package.

ESPN is a sports programming channel and holds the right to broadcast all Grand Slams including US Open. Apart from cable, satellite, IPTV, and streaming services, this channel is accessible through the WatchESPN app too.

Watch US Open on EuroSport Player (Italy)

In Italy, you can access these channels online through Sky Go and DAZN.

The Eurosport Player is a streaming service offered by Eurosport. There are many devices compatible with this app, including the web, mobiles, smart TVs, etc. You can watch US Open matches live on Eurosport Player.

How to access Eurosports anywhere in Europe

In order to gain access to Eurosport’s US Open feed in the UK, you will need to access Eurosport out of any Pan-European country using a VPN. To do this, I will recommend you to use CyberGhost VPN.

Watch US Open on Amazon Prime Video (UK)

In addition, Amazon UK is a US Open broadcast partner. To increase viewership, the US Open finals were broadcast on Amazon Prime video in 2021. Amazon UK is expected to be the broadcast partner of future US Open events.

Alternatively, you can watch US Open online by subscribing to a streaming service.

Watch US Open with Hulu+ Live TV(France, Italy, Spain, UK)

You can view US Open events without advertisements on Hulu+ Live TV, if you’d like to watch on the go. You can also subscribe to Hulu + Live TV + Disney + ESPN and enjoy it all for $72.99/month. Sign up for a free trial today – you can cancel within 7 days.

Watch US Open with Sling TV (France, Italy, Spain, UK)

Sling TV is a great choice if you want to enjoy US Open’s hard court tennis at a low price. A month’s subscription to Sling Orange begins at $35. For new subscribers, the deal is even more enticing. The first month is just $10. In addition to ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 it offers more than 32 channels. It also offers simultaneous streaming on up to 3 devices in this package.

Watch US Open with FuboTV in Europe

You can also stream the US Open on FuboTV. You will not miss any tennis matches or news with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPN News. For a limited time, subscribers can try the service for free. By recording shows and matches and storing them on your DVR, you can watch them whenever you want.

Watch US Open with YouTubeTV in Europe

With a YouTube TV subscription, you can watch US Open on ESPN and many other regional sports channels for free.  YouTube TV has no hidden fees, nor do you need a box to access services. Enjoy some high-resolution sports programming by signing up for YouTube TV. For a longer period of testing, consider YouTube TV. It offers a 14-day free trial.

Watch US Open with DirecTV Stream in Europe

DirecTV Stream provides HD streaming of the US Open. Tennis Channel is also available as part of the package in addition to ESPN HD. A number of regional sports channels are also available for sports fans. Families find it more appealing with simultaneous streaming to unlimited screens. 

How to access US Open using VPN

“Travelling or Outside the U.S.? You can use our services within the U.S”. This message may appear when you access these streaming services or the WATCHESPN app outside the U.S.  There are geographic restrictions, but you can still access these services.

Unblocking geo-restrictions requires a VPN. A VPN hides your IP address. Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer servers in different locations. They route your traffic to different locations. Thus, your location is hidden.

This allows you to access American OTT services in Europe easily and watch the US Open. Through VPN services, you can access Netflix, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, AMC, and many other services.  

Now you are looking for a good VPN. Before taking any final verdict, you must know how to choose a VPN. VPN services should have the following characteristics:

  • Installs easily and is easy to use
  • Should keep your data private
  • Maintaining service continuity 
  • Should have high speed servers
  • It should be compatible with a range of devices

Choosing CyberGhost VPN as your VPN is a wise decision. It is one of the most popular VPN services. There is an extensive network of servers in many countries. In other words, you will not experience any slowdowns when the servers are busy.

With one account, you can use it for multiple devices at the same time. At the same time 5 family members can use it on different devices.  Customer service is available 24/7. Live chat and e-mail are available. Moreover, no data is kept.

You may use it free of charge for a limited period. The 30-day money back guarantee allows you to test out CyberGhost VPN’s services. Join today.

With the help of these simple steps, you will be able to connect to VPN and stream services, and so on.

  1. Selecting a VPN provider is the first step. We recommend CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Decide which plan best suits your needs and set up a VPN account.
  3. Get a VPN and install it after you purchase it.
  4. Select an American server to connect to.
  5. Go to the streaming site’s website. (Choose a streaming service first like Sling TV, FuboTV, DirecTV, and Hulu + Live TV)
  6.  Choose a plan and sign up to watch the US Open live.

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