Who Has Beaten Novak Djokovic The Most

Rafael Nadal has beaten Novak Djokovic the most. Novak Djokovic is famous for his intensity towards the game, tactical mindset, and being the greatest pressure handler in the ATP tour. However, some players have outclassed him whenever they come across each other.

So in this blog, I have gathered information on the player who has beaten Novak Djokovic the most.

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Rafal Nadal (11-7 in Tennis Majors, Including 5-4 in Major Finals)

So yes, Rafael Nadal is the one Djokovic would fear to face again. He is probably the nightmare for Djokovic when it comes to the Tennis Majors (Grand Slams).

Over All Record

The two have faced each other 59 times, including in all four major finals, with Djokovic leading 30–29 overall. Djokovic leads 15–13 in finals of all levels.

Grand Slam Record

Nadal leads 11–7 at the majors, including 5–4 in major finals.

  • Nadal Leads 8-2 at the French Open and 2-1 at the US Open
  • Djokovic leads 2–0 at the Australian Open and 2–1 at Wimbledon.

Court Comparison

Of their 59 meetings, 27 matches have been on hard courts, with Djokovic leading 20–7.

28 on clay, with Nadal leading 20–8, and 4 on grass, where they are tied 2–2.

Andy Murray (11-25 overall and 8-11 in the finals)

Murray and Djokovic are of the same age group and are famous for their modern-day tennis rivalry. Though the overall record of Djokovic with Murray is outstanding, he still stands on second on the list who have beaten Djokovic the most.

Andy Murray beat Djokovic 11 times overall, including in the Grand Slams. They faced each other 19 times in the finals, where Murray beat him 8 times. On Grass, Murray is better than Djokovic, as they have faced twice, and Murray outclassed him on each occasion.

Here is the list of big encounters where Murray Beats Djokovic:

  1. 2008 Cincinnati Masters final
  2. 2012 US Open final
  3. 2013 Wimbledon final
  4. 2015 Canadian Open final

Roger Federer (23-27 overall and 6-11 in Majors)

Roger Federer is third on the list who has beaten Djokovic most of the time.

They came across each other 50 times, and Federer beat him 23 times. Djokovic is leading in overall by beating Federer 27 times. They have faced each other in the finals 19 times when Federer beat him 6 times. In the Majors, Federer beats him six times out of 17 games. Federer is the only player who defeats Djokovic in all four Tennis Majors.

Tennis Grand Slams Record

Australian Open106
French Open21
US Open35
Total Count2220

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